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About Brainobrain

Brainobrain is one of the world’s leading Skill Development Centre for children, having its Corporate Office in Chennai, India. Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified institution established in the year 2003, manned by professionals who are veterans with more than a decade of international experience in kids’ education and training. Brainobrain’s global presence has 900 centres in 26 countries. Currently, We have 30 Centres sprawling in Abudhabi, Dubai, Sharjah Ajman and Al Ain with more than 5000 children enrolled in our skill development programmes.

Course Content

  • Abacus Mental Arithmetic
  • International NLP
  • Personality Analysis
  • Group Discussions & Role Plays
  • Good Habits & Etiquett
  • Vocabulary & Spelling Skills
  • Observation & Concentration Skills
  • Quick & Retentive Memory
  • Positive Belief System
  • Leadership Skills
  • Attitude Formation
  • Mental Gymnastics
  • Creative Art & Story Writing

Advanced Skill development Programme

  • For Children of age 4-14 Years
  • Each Level – 3 Months ; Total – 10 Levels
  • Total Duration – 30 Months
  • Weekly 2 Hours only
  • Daily practice of 15 Min. essential at home.

    Brainobrain's Winning Edge

  • World's Latest Kids-Friendly Syllabus
  • Competent, Trained, Certified & Committed Instructors
  • Quality Assessment through Regional & National Competitions

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Parent's Testimony

  • Excellent! Child’s observation skills and ability to remember are improved a lot. Academically fit. Some essential skills like Concentration, Speed, Ability to Focus and Attention for a longer period are improved.

    – Parents of Sejavarthana
    Ideal Indian School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 5
  • The syllabus is very interesting for the kids. The teachers are very kind and helpful and make sure the kids learn the concepts properly. He is able to calculate with bigger numbers than kids of his age. Shows good interest in Abacus.

    Parents of Ashish Devan
    Doha Modern Indian School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 2
  • Before joining “Brainobrain” my daughter uses to say “I don’t like Maths”. The journey in Brainobrain has made the difference. She has improved on her concentration and interest towards the subject. We thank Brainobrain teachers for their efforts. Keep up the Good work!!! Brainobrain Rocks!

    Parents of P. Soumya
    Pearl School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 3
  • She has started calculating fast without making any mistakes. She has also become more diligent in doing her work.

    -Parents of Tanisha Singh
    Birla Public School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 7
  • My child becomes more confident and able to handle all curricular and co-curricular activities without any fear. Shows development in leadership qualities. Won many prizes in Math quiz, Olympiads and other activities.

    Parents of Shreya Saravanan
    Ideal Indian School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 4
  • Improved his mathematical and logical skills. Now he is showing interest in arts and crafts. Brainobrain is doing a great job in improving children’s logical reasoning and mathematical skills.

    Parents of Ziyan Fahim Firoz
    Delhi Public School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 2
  • Mental abilities and arithmetic have improved. His confidence, accuracy and speed have increased. Thanks to Brainobrain team.

    Parents of Arslan Qazi
    Delhi Public School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 4
  • Thinking and reasoning skills have developed. Writing speed and Calculating speed are increased. Attention and Memory development can be seen in his progress. He is scoring A1 in Mathematics.

    Parents of Nitin Karthikeyan
    Birla Public School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 7
  • It’s a good education programme for brain and personal skill development. In my kids, more improvement is noticed in mathematical skills. There is development in personal skills like storytelling, English vocabulary, concentration power etc…

    Parents of Haritha and Monisaalini
    Delhi Public School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 3 & 5
  • My daughter had learned to be more organized and regular in doing her works. Keep up the good work as it is not only helps in quick calculation but also helps in all round personality development. It’s an excellent programme.

    Parents of Kriti Hemant Dhruv
    Delhi Public School, Doha, Qatar. Grade 3



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